Saturday February 28th , 2015
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Body Kits, Ground Effects & Aerodynamics

Welcome to BodyKits.Net, the largest body kits, ground effects and aerodynamics store on the net. We are proud to carry over 30 brands carrying the largest selection of body kits, wide body kits, carbon fiber hoods, lambo doors, conversions, front bumpers, side skirts, rear bumpers, fenders, wings & spoilers and many other components. We carry these parts in fiberglass, carbon fiber, poly-urethane and abs plastic. With over 25,000 unique products we are confident you will find what you are looking for at the best price!

There are 4 different ways you can search for products on our site: 1) Products Menu, 2) Brands Menu, 3) Drop Down Menu, 4) Advanced Search. If you still cannot find what you are looking for call us or look for body kits at Andy's, our sister company.

RE Amemiya bodykit for the FD3s RX-7


Saturday February 28th , 2015

What is a body kit?

Body kits are specially molded pieces of carbon fiber, fiberglass or polyurethane that are meant to replace certain body panels such as bumpers, hoods and fenders. Basically, a body kit is a new skin for your car that can provide cosmetic improvements and in some cases, improve performance.

What kinds of materials are used for body kits? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

The most common materials used for making body kits are polyurethane, fiberglass and carbon fiber.

Polyurethane is a rubbery, flexible material that is malleable and resilient. In most everyday situations, urethane stands up to a lot of abuse and can withstand collisions with curbs and other obstructions, assuming the speeds are reasonably low. Urethane is easier to install, and because they’re usually machine-made, the surface of polyurethane body kits tend to be quite smooth which helps yield high- quality finishes.

On the down side, polyurethane is quite expensive, and the prep work required to apply paint isn’t cheap either. Polyurethane also tends to distort in extreme weather.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, is quite inexpensive. It holds its shape very well as it is very rigid, and it doesn’t change its shape due to extreme temperature. Fiberglass body kits tend to have more surface imperfections because they are hand-laid in molds.

A fiberglass body kit’s fit and finish is typically not as good as a polyurethane kit, and they’re more brittle. One must be wary of curbs when driving a car clad in a fiberglass body kit.

Carbon fiber is the ideal material for those looking for performance. Carbon fiber is extremely light and stiff, which means it’s fantastic for someone looking to make their car go faster. It also provides a distinguished look that gives the car a very high-profile look. However, it is very expensive and one must be careful not to damage their car on parking blocks or the like.

What are some popular body kits?

There are three basic types of body kits: lips and wings, replacement bumpers and wide body kits. Lips and wings are generally the easiest to install as they’re bolt-on and don’t usually require replacing anything. Replacement bumpers offer a more pronounced change in your car’s appearance, but they can be difficult to install since they’re hand-made. Included within this group are hoods, fenders and side skirts. Adding a wide body kit may provide the most drastic change in looks and isn’t always too difficult to install, as it replaces the majority of the panels on a car.

The beauty of body kits lie in their ability to be added selectively. You can either purchase a full body kit which replaces many components of your car, or add whichever bumpers, wings or lips that appeal to you.

Once you’ve narrowed down what type of body kit you’re looking for, you now need to determine what style you’re after. Certain body kits offer a more extreme look that are sure to turn heads, while others achieve a subtle yet impressive look that appeals to the enthusiast who doesn’t want too much attention.

Is there such thing as a universal body kit?

The simple answer is no. Since different cars have different dimensions, each body kit is designed for a specific model.

What if there is no body kit advertised for my vehicle?

Unfortunately, your options are then limited. Finding a mass-produced body kit is the most economically sensible way to outfit your car’s exterior, and a custom made kit would be too expensive for most people. Thankfully, the body kit industry has expanded greatly over the past decade and most popular cars, whether they’re a sport compact, a muscle car or an exotic, have options of body kits to choose from.

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